Clarus Contents Renewal’s Process

Clarus is a Full-Service Contents Restoration Contractor. Clarus can handle every step of the contents restoration process – from the initial emergency response all the way through to a fully-restored home or business is ready for delivery of their contents.
We stand ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to save contents due to damage caused by: water, fire, storms, smoke, mold, and biohazardous material.

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Pack Out / Pack In Process

A Project Manager from Clarus Contents Renewal will arrive on site to complete an initial overview and determine the scope of the project. Overview photos of each room will be taken to document the loss and assist in determining the work force needed to complete the Pack-Out of the location to either our climate-controlled warehouse or, On- Site at your home in a Storage Pod. All items are meticulously inventoried.

These photos will also assist during the Pack-In process, when the contents are returned to the location, to ensure proper placement with minimal customer involvement.

Clarus Contents Renewal utilizes ICAT software, which is designed specifically for the contents industry to provide customers and insurance representatives the best service possible throughout the contents renewal process.

The Benefits of utilizing this system:

  • Detailed overview photos are obtained of all rooms and contents involved to document exact location
  • Technicians will Pack-Out items on room identification(i.e. living room, kitchen, etc.)
  • All individual contents are photographed, and barcoded prior to packing
  • Large items are barcoded and photographed individually
  • Smaller items are boxed, barcoded and photographed as a group
  • As contents are documented and packed, they are housed in a staging location onsite until final loading transport
  • All furniture is padded prior to being loaded into the transfer truck
  • All items are surely transferred to the Clarus Contents Renewal processing center to complete the intake process
  • All items are scanned into a specific location within the Clarus Contents Renewal warehouse to verify all involved contents where transferred properly
  • The customer will then be provided with a complete inventory list of all contents in our possession as well as the ICAT link

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Cleaning Process

Clarus Contents Renewal uses a variety of state-of-the-art tools, as well as good old fashioned elbow grease to renew damaged contents. Those tools include:

  • Fireline’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Process
  • Ozone Cleaning Process
  • Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our dedicated cleaning staff is well-versed in how best to make use of all of these resources.



Items not stored onsite are housed at our large climate-controlled warehouse with 24-hour onsite security and surveillance.
All employees of Clarus Contents Renewal are drug tested with a complete background check completed prior to employment.
After an item completes the cleaning process, it is placed in a storage vault in the same housing area as all other related content. Contents remain in their assigned storage location until the customer schedules a Pack-In.

As Clarus Contents Renewal certified employees are packing up your contents, they’ll ensure items are packed safely securely, utilizing packing material for safe transport and storage.

Clarus Contents Renewal utilizes ICAT, a Modern Contents Management software program, to create a master inventory list while photo-documenting and bar-bar coding all belongings during the pack out process.

Our Resources

  • iCat – Modern Contents Management
  • Software that allows us to photograph rooms in detail for content evaluations
  • Creates barcode system that allows for tracking of contents throughout the process (Pack Out, Cleaning, Storage, Pack In
  • Location tracking in warehouse
  • Creates contents lists for customers and adjusters

The Benefits of utilizing this system:

  • Customer is provided an active link to allow them to review all documented contents.
  • Allows for 100% accurate inventory list with photo documentation of all contents
  • If cleaning services are involved, the customer can easily track the progress of the cleaning process
  • All contents from on location are housed together in the storage facility based on barcode assignment
  • Provides 100% guarantee all contents will be returned to the customer
  • Assists in identifying any pre-existing damage that may need to be identified during the Pack-in-process
  • DASH is a cloud-based solution that has been designed to help us run our restoration business more efficiently
  • Allows for seamless communication between divisions and groups within the organization
  • Mobile version allows teams in the field to update jobs in real time
  • Allows income tracking to get claims paid faster
  • Allows for the creation of workorders for subcontractors to get paid in a timely fashion
  • Allows for shared tracking throughout
  • Converts 360 degree panoramic images into three dimensional spaces
  • Allows adjusters to see the property from their desk
  • Share the model and related contents with anyone on any device