Who We Are

We provide clarity through contents restoration.

Our Purpose

Helping People

Our Cause

Serving Others

Our Passion

Restoring Lives

Clarus Contents provides services for contents restoration, cleaning and storage after damage to residential and commercial properties due to fire, water, storm, mold or other disasters.

We categorize our jobs into 5 areas. Pack out, Cleaning, Storage, Pack in and On-Site Packouts. Clarus is a Full-Service Contents Restoration Contractor. Clarus can handle every step of the contents restoration process – from the initial emergency response all the way through to a fully-restored home or business is ready for delivery of their contents.
We stand ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to save contents due to damage caused by: water, fire, storms, smoke, mold, and biohazardous material.

We also can provide: Artwork Restoration, Document Restoration, Textile Restoration, Electronic Restoration.

Throughout our years of service, our leadership team has embraced the evolution of the Contents restoration industry, abandoning traditional business proceedings in order to put more value in our greatest assets—people and technology. This shared vision, along with a foundation built on strong core values, has allowed Clarus Contents Renewal to become a market leader that thrives with Service, Transparency, and Accountability. Our commitment continues to be to our people, providing them with a positive, fun, career-oriented work environment, allowing us to continue to be the leader in Contents Restoration industry.

What Sets Us Apart

We are ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help by “Providing Clarity Through Contents Restoration” caused by: water, fire, storms, smoke, mold, and biohazardous material. We take pride in being the best Contents Restoration Team in the industry. Whether getting a homeowner back home, or a business back in operation, we believe a Contents Restoration Company prepared to proceed with urgency and care is a critical component in minimizing the emotional and financial distress caused by an unexpected property loss.

Through caring, helping, ownership, teamwork and having fun We aspire to be a company that is constantly HELPING PEOPLE and SERVING OTHERS. 

Our Core Values


At Clarus we care. We support and share responsibility with our customers and our team


At Clarus we have fun. We are positive, we laugh, we love what we do


At Clarus we believe in teamwork. With empathy and humility, we do what is right together


At Clarus we take ownership. We operate with honesty and integrity and every employee has the power to make us better


At Clarus we help. We serve each other and our customer with warmth and compassion

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Meet The Team

Murfreesboro, TN

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Externally, as a service, we want to provide more than contents that have been restored, we want to be in the business of RESTORING LIVES.